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         Cool & Jazzy, vocal a cappella group, the Winner of Ward Swingle Award, laureate and winner of international contests and festivals, promotes the live, dynamic and energetic music ranging from classic to house, including jazz, jazz-rock, fusion, latino, pop, rock, folk and buff with show elements. We sing in main world languages like English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ukrainian and Georgian. We create our own arrangements that possess the label "made by Cool & Jazzy".
Members of the band:
        Cool & Jazzy was founded in summer 1994 by the Smirnovs brothers, Mark and Yuri, graduates of Gnesin Academy and Arts College. They were greatly influenced by the best world jazz bands like Singers Unlimited, Take 6 and New York Voices.
         After two months Yuri Saulsky invited the band to give its first performance at the Composers' House that turned out to be a success with music lovers. The band proved to be highly professional and soon started to give solo concerts mainly in Moscow clubs. Step by step Cool & Jazzy became a famous Moscow band.
         During two years we released a number of a cappella jingles for Russian radio stations like Russian Radio, Radio Russia Nostalgie, Moscow Echo, AutoRadio as well as for regional radio and TV companies. We made well-known remakes with Russian pop stars like Bravo (The Wind Knows), A-Studio (Julia), Alexander Malinin (The Rain), Angelika Varum (No Answer), Alena Sviridova (Lullaby), Kristina Orbakaite (White Town), Arkady Ukupnik (Wa-Ba).
         We went on tours around Russia, took part in music festivals in Saint Petersburg, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Panevejise (Lithuania). In summer 1995 we gave the first concert at the Central Music House in Moscow that was a great success. In 1996 we made a Forget It All-show together with A-Studio and A. Fillipenko in Plyutshikha Oval Hall.
         In summer 1996 Cool & Jazzy made a month-tour around Germany and conquered German music lovers.
         During summer and winter of 1997 Cool & Jazzy took part in shooting a RTR's Stairway to Sky-project. At that time Julia Kataeva left and Eteri Beriashvili, a terrific musician, joined the band.
         In summer 1997 Cool & Jazzy recorded its first album named Seaman that included author's pop music compositions with instrumental accompaniment. In winter 1998 we shot a version for our song from You Are In Me-album.
         In winter 1998 Cool & Jazzy released a new album named Seven Songs For Christmas with comic remakes of famous Christmas songs.
         In spring 1998 we took part in Europe - Asia Festival in Alma - Ata.
         In 1999 Cool & Jazzy celebrated its five-year anniversary and organized the first international a cappella festival at the Chaikovsky Hall in Moscow with the Man Sound band (Kiev) and Pavel Sharomov's Kvintet (Novosibirsk). The concert recordings made up Live-album in 2000. Cool & Jazzy has taken part in music festivals and contests in Europe since 2000.
         We participated in Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux (Switzerland), Choir Olympiade in Lenz (Austria), Tampere Savel in Tampere (Finland), VoKaL ToTaL in Graz (Austria).
         Summer 2001 was particularly successful for the band since Cool & Jazzy won second price in Lenz, was awarded Ward Swingle Award in Graz and successfully performed in Montreux as well as gave a number of concerts in Austria and Italy. In spring 2001 Diana Polenova, a bright singer, replaced Elena Lyubimova who, in her turn, joined the band after Ekaterina Vorobjeva departure. (2000). However, in the beginning of 2002
         Since fall 2001 Cool & Jazzy has maintained close ties with the Moscow Jazz Association and Yuri Saulsky, the director, and has taken part in all the festivals organized by the Association. In December 2001 Cool & Jazzy participated in Jazz Voices, an international jazz festival, organized by E. Edelman in Moscow. In spring 2002 Cool & Jazzy goes on a tour around Russian and the CIS-countries together with New York Voices. Spring and summer the band is going to be in Europe taking part in festivals, contests and concerts.

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